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VAT and post: don’t panic (just yet)

August 15 2014
VAT can be absurd and fiendishly complicated. The much-repeated quote by Lord Justice Sedley sums it up: "Beyond the everyday world... lies the world of VAT, a kind of fiscal theme park in which factual and legal realities are suspended or inverted." The 20% ‘standard’ rate is meant to apply to everything but the necessities. But in VAT-land, caviar is deemed a necessity… while orange squ...
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Mobile Fundraising: exploring payment options beyond texting

August 5 2014
Mobile-based fundraising has exploded in recent years, which is not surprising given that almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. Many charities have invested in mobile fundraising, and all of them are using the same approach – texting. But there’s a cloud over the future of the charity mobile marketplace. New internet-based messaging services such as WhatsApp and Snapchat have been ...
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Prize-led fundraising – the mobile opportunity

January 10 2014
The mobile phone is a huge part of our lives, almost everyone has one.  And almost everyone uses it for texting as well as making calls. This insight is already being used successfully by charities in cause-led fundraising with text-to-donate campaigns.  Now it’s about to take off in prize-led fundraising. People’s media habits are constantly shifting and so, like all modern marketers, th...
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Inspiration at the IFC 2013 – fundraising in reverse

October 17 2013
It’s only my third year at the International Fundraising Convention, but already I have a fondness and emotional attachment towards it. In fundraising terms I’ve become an 'advocate'. On my first visit I was made to feel very welcome as new member of this learning movement, and two years later, I feel part of something special. I tell my wider network what a great event it is for learning a...
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Going beyond ‘customer-centric’

October 16 2013
'Customer-centric' has been a trending marketing buzzword for a few years now. In the charity world the term 'supporter-centric' is also liberally used. I have just got back from a gathering of marketing/ brand directors where several marketers mentioned to me how they'd 'become customer centric by doing X' or they'd become 'truly customer-centric by changing A, B and C'. Perhaps they've manage...
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Introducing Instinctiv – the Science of Response from Brightsource

October 15 2013
The accumulated evidence from behavioural economics and social science tells us that a large part of our brain operates on a non-cognitive level. Psychologist Timothy D. Wilson likens the brain to a modern jetliner - able to fly on automatic pilot with little or no input from the human, ‘conscious’ pilot. He says the adaptive unconscious does an excellent job of sizing up the world, warnin...
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Small is beautiful for graduate job-seekers

September 16 2013
Graduates looking for their first role should think twice about applying for a large, well-known, corporate scheme, and consider the many benefits of working for a forward-thinking SME. Smaller businesses are constantly evolving and more able to make changes to stay ahead of the competition. When a keen, problem solving, graduate has a smart business idea, they will have a good chance of makin...
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The Rise and Rise of Technology

August 21 2013
Six weeks on from the excitement, buzz and wonderful sharing that was the Institute of Fundraising 2013 National Convention, here’s another look at a presentation I gave to a hardy group of ‘final sessioners’. We all know that the pace of technological change is breathtakingly fast, and getting faster all the time. More importantly, I think we all feel it - the proliferation of new devic...
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The best of both worlds: managing prize and cause-led fundraising

July 31 2013
If you’ve been jetting off on holiday, or making the most of the sunshine at home these past few weeks, you may not have had a chance to catch up on the IOF convention presentations you missed. This post is the first of three to get you up to speed with the Brightsource sessions…. Widespread success of raffle and lottery campaigns has left charities grappling with the conundrum of how these...
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A David and Goliath story of graduate recruitment

July 22 2013

The JobCrowd has recently named Brightsource as the Top Company for Graduates to Work For 2013/14 in the advertising, marketing and media sector. And we were also named 3rd overall in The JobCrowd Top 100 UK Companies survey behind Microsoft and Barratt Homes. (But the new 2013/14 league table won’t be published until mid-September).

So how has an SME like Brightsource (100 staff, £45m turno

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