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Peter Frings

Peter Frings

Joined on: June 8th, 2011


Managing Director

Peter founded the company in 2002 and his unusual blend of ideas and influences have helped shape Brightsource’s distinctive approach.

He’s been interested in systems thinking since gaining a first class degree in Ecology from Exeter University in the late seventies. Studying for an MBA at Bath University 20 years later, he learned supply strategy and business marketing from luminaries such as Professors Richard Lamming and David Ford. Other inspirations include maverick business writers such as W Edwards Deming on quality, Henry Mintzberg on business strategy, through to Gary Hamel on management innovation and John Seddon on lean service. A range of green political thinkers are also in the mix, and some Brightsource staff feel they have heard more than enough about the Toyota Lean Production System…

Throw in a strong iconoclastic streak… and it’s no surprise that Brightsource has always been a company which challenges received wisdom and is driven by finding ways of ‘doing things smarter’.

Peter’s track record in creating new solutions in marketing services stretches back to 1983 when he was part of a team that pioneered the first direct entry typesetting from a PC – when an Apple IIe came with a sticker saying ‘now with 48k of memory’. Nearly 30 years later, he’s still at it, having in the meantime gathered a powerful group of kindred spirits in Brightsource who are equally dedicated to delighting clients through innovation.

Married, with three children who have flown the nest, Peter spends his spare time reading the Guardian, mountain walking, and cycling slowly up the Dolomites.

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